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On April 19, Media Nigeria added Kwara to the list of states with the highest number of suicide deaths in Nigeria in 2015. Nigeria has organised a postcode, also known as the "Kwara State," which is the second most populous state in southeastern Nigeria after Kaduna State.

The withholding of this information is said to have been the essence of tyranny in the 2006 Ilorin census. I collected data on 6 villages (Fulani), randomly selected and grouped according to the best sights, with restaurants making them big. The restaurants make up the 6 selected and make good the resources of Iloin in these villages according to the 2010 census.

Other attractions include a pottery in Dada, said to be the largest in Nigeria, and the National Monuments Commission Museum, which has the largest collection of Illoin artifacts in the country and one of the largest in Africa.

Nigerian is the official language of the country, although Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba are the most widely spoken African languages. The city is home to a large number of tribes and ethnic groups, inhabited by the Yorubas, Ijaw, Ogoni, Kano, Akwa Ibom, Ikot Olufemi, Yobe, Benin, Kaduna and Ogun. It is the first national museum in Nigeria to be located in a city of more than 1.5 million inhabitants, the largest in the country.

Western foods tend to disappear, though Jollof Rice and Friend Chicken are safe options if you're not adventurous. It is also advisable to go to the market with a friend you trust, preferably a Nigerian, and trust him.

For shops and restaurants, you can also get advice from hotels, and the Yellow Pages of Nigeria provide a list of the best restaurants and shops in the area, along with their prices and opening hours.

This list is not complete, so check with the local authorities for the latest information if you plan to cross into Nigeria. If you need a visa to enter Nigeria, you can apply as a Nigerian in a country where you do not have a legal residence. Be aware that it usually makes no difference whether you apply in Nigeria or in countries where you are legally resident, such as the United States or Canada. Nigerian diplomatic missions are the only ones in the country that have visas - free access to the US - and even then, few of them accept, for example, Nigerian visa applications.

When you meet for a business meeting, it is best to call your company representative who can give you detailed information about how to find the company and where it is located. If you receive an email from the British High Commission in Nigeria asking for your bank details and money, contact them in person. You should be aware that this correspondence is on the Internet and not from someone living in West Africa. If you ask a relative or friend to transfer money to Nigeria, also make sure that the transfer is not part of a scam and that you properly check with the person from whom you have received the money you are requesting a transfer.

Note that with these machines you can only withdraw up to 20,000 naira at a time, which is a relatively small sum in Nigeria. You must dial Nigeria and the International Call Prefix Nigeria 009, followed by your country code and local number (including your home code). It is recommended to convert the naira into cash at the airport before you leave Nigeria and convert it into currency.

Though Nigerians will freely admit their habitual slowness, no one sees any effort to correct this behavior. It should be noted, however, that they are trying to correct behaviour in their dealings with foreign organisations and are very tolerant of those who do not share their view of punctuality.

LGBT travellers should be very careful when they are in areas where Sharia law will be strictly enforced due to the presence of Islamist groups in jihad. If you are interested in living or working in Nigeria, you should follow developments in the state and the announcements of state governments, as the threat of retaliatory attacks is increasing.

Visit our website for all the latest health information on Nigeria, including advice and recommendations. Things to do: See the airport in nearby Ilorin, Nigeria Local, and Nigeria International Airport in Lagos City and the Nigerian National Airport. For more information, check out our list of the best hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants in Nigeria.

I would like to say that the Kwara State is one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria and the second best in the country. I didn't even look at a quarter of that state, but after reading a lot, I jetted to KwARA and saw my first solo trip. Since these first successful Tokwara solo trips, we have developed a strong desire to explore more states of Nigeria on our own.

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More About Ilorin