Ilorin Nigeria Art

You may not know the name Laolu Senbanjo, but you will have seen his work everywhere, from magazine covers to music videos. The artist has worked with Alicia Keys and Usher, as well as Nike, the Smithsonian Institute and the Washington Post. Striking patterns appear on all the walls of their offices and on the backs of cars. At the Grammy-winning Lemonade 2016, the artist created a distinctive work of art that adorned the singer. His paintings adorn jackets and shoes with a personal mantra "Everything is a canvas."

Senbanjo, born and raised in Ilorin, Nigeria, worked as a human rights lawyer before leaving the field to start his own gallery in Abuja before moving to Flatbush, Brooklyn. It was there that he flourished and shaped a technique that united Basquiat - modern art.

From there, the work took on a life of its own, and he began working with Usher and Nike, and later traveled to Germany, South Africa and France. Moving to the USA has been good for his work and creative process: "The work just went crazy and kept calling me. I quit my job and started working in the embassy, but the art just kept calling. Whether it's a painting, sculpture or even a piece of music, you can feel the passion and balance of all the elements.

I came to the hotel and Beyonce was on the fourth floor and said hello, And it was a special privilege to stand on this bridge and to connect with people and art in this unique and intimate space. I # Ve painted according to patterns from traditional African mythology to connect many communities. It contains a triangle that stands for balance and a small eye that is supposed to reveal inner beauty.

More About Ilorin

More About Ilorin