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HELLO ILORIN General Overview Often regarded by many as the gateway to northern and southern Nigeria, elegantly poised in North Central geographical zone, Ilorin, the beautiful capital city of Kwara state continues to dispense its role perfectly as a cosmopolitan city. With its tropical savanna climate, the region features favourable weather with adequate rainfall and hence the high potential for food production and livestock rearing. Farming is predominantly popular amongst the rural locals while blacksmithing, pottery, weaving, beadwork are some of their handicrafts. Population and Transportation With a population slightly above 800,000; no wonder it was crowned Kwara's largest city. Asides possessing a seemingly tranquil ambience, Ilorin city houses hospitable locals, nourishment in food, wealth in growing economy, absorbing entertainment and more. Ilorin city's centralized location makes it easily accessible to all parts of Nigeria by rail, road and air. An international airport, reliable inter-city bus transport eases the movement of commuters within and beyond the city of Ilorin.

Ilorin Central Mosque

Ethnicity City of Ilorin, also known as the  city of peace is multi-ethnic, diversified when it comes to culture. Ilorin houses tribes such as Yoruba, Hausa, Baruba, Nupe, Fulani, Kanuri, other Nigerians and negligible number of foreigners. Fun Things to Do in Ilorin Ilorin encompasses an abundant share of Nigerian entertainment, interesting places to visit, tasty food from top notch restaurants, amazing nightlife and local and international markets. Locals, tourists and fun seeking travelers can enjoy rides in cabs for as low as 20 naira or on commercial bikes that charge fairly higher. Tourists would not have had the best time without sightseeing various interesting places, landmarks, such as:   Jumaat Central Mosque (architectural designs replicating those of the second grand Mosque in Medinah, Saudi Arabia)  The Emir's palace   Sobi Hill   Kwara Metropolitan Park • National Museum Ilorin   Cultural Centre and Pottery workshops in Eletu.

National Museum Ilorin

Hospitality and accommodation in the city of Ilorin are highly regarded and hence exotic hotels are in place to make sure of that. Luxury hotels include Kwara Hotels, Whitefield Hotels while low budget hotels include White House Hotels and Purple Hills Hotels. Entertainment and Nightlife:   African Pot   T and K foods   Iya Yusuf Restaurant   GQ lounge   Soundbar Nightclub Tourists can shop for commodities at the local market and malls:  Shoprite Mall  Adisco Mall   Baboko   Mandate Oja-Oba