Ilorin, Nigeria


With the population of 7, 77,667, Llorin is the state capital of Kwara and the 6th largest city by population in Nigeria. The city retains a strong Islamic influence even after the incorporation in the British colony a century back.


  • VIVA CINEMAS: Viva cinemas are one of the great places to hangout. You would be surprised by the troops of people on weekends.
  • PALMS SHOPPING MALL: Palms shopping mall is a cool place to have some fun in Llorin. You can sight see and do window shopping. The glamour can take you to dream land.
  • THE METROPOLITAN PARK: The park is the perfect place to relax, take a walk, swim and enjoy nature. It is also good place for picnic and do lot of fun with friend and your loved ones.
  • DADA POTTERY: This is considered as one of the biggest traditional pottery factories in Nigerian. This is a great opportunity to see and understand the skills and technique for making handmade pots and other cattery.
  • UNILORIN BIOLOGICAL GARDEN: This is the only zoo in known state. It is regulated and recreational facility of university of Llorin. This is a safe and secure place where many animals and birds are kept.


  • AFRICAN POT: African pot is a place where you can enjoy both local and English dishes. You can get tasty meat and fish dishes. They have some good dishes like Tuwo, Yam porridge, bean porridge etc.
  • TYA YUSUF FOOD RESTAURANT: If you enjoy local Nigerian dishes, this restaurant serves the solid portion of amala, pounded yam etc.
  • BUKATEE: Here you can enjoy the local cuisine, and in comfortable surroundings. You get to choose your food from local assortments and you can combine, it according to your taste.
  • CHRONICLES RESTAURANT: This place serves excellent pizza and Chinese food. Their service is a little bit slow but the food will definitely make it worth.